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43/Endless edits of my precious bias, 최민호

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{141016} Choi Minho for Cosmopolitan Korea

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#imagine an au where kibum is the star and jjong his manager#and jjong is secretly in love with him and he’s that typical clumsy nice guy who says always yes#and kibum is still young and reckless#but in jjong he sees comfort and family#so when he’s just kibum and not key#he’s actually very affectionate and does a lot of aegyeo#and that makes jjong fall more for him#but then one day jjong opens the door to their van and sees kibum making out with another idol#and he is actually heartbroken but plays it off#and the other idol rushes out and kibum is embarrassed#and after that jjong starts to be quite cold and distant somehow#which makes kibum feel rejected#and he starts to question things#and gets jealous randomly#and POOF he realizes why#he likes him#and he tries to change#stop going out at nights with friends#which was always a reason for them to argue because jjong was worried for kibum’s image#and he starts being really polite and is always punctual etc etc#and jjong is kinda confused#while kibum wants to win his heart#we need this au

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“Rather than dwelling upon things I can’t change, I’d rather develop the good things about me. So my dream is not to become the best, it’s to be someone who I’m not ashamed to be.” -Kim Kibum (Key)

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1/ fave 2min moments

Awwww, they were so shy…. I love you both.

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168-169/300 pics of Everybody Era

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2min hugs ♡(*´・ω・)(・ω・`*)♡

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5/? JAT2 gifs

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 people I love ♥